Equality Impact Assessments


Equality Impact Assessment is about considering how our activities, functions, strategies, programmes, services or processes may impact on people, and whether that potential impact might be positive, negative or justified.

Equality Impact Assessment Screening allows us to consider the potential impacts and identify where improvements might need to be made to ensure our policies, procedures and practices are inclusive and fair.

An equality impact assessment is conducted on all our policies and procedures prior to their implementation. View the list below which gives information on the Equality Impact Assessments we have completed so far. It is important that this is an on-going process.

DateStrategy, Policy, Procedure, Practice or DocumentMain aims/purpose
19.10.15 Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy To ensure that following new legislation that the updated Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy remains inclusive
19.10.15 Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Policy To ensure that following new legislation that the updated Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Policy 2015 remains inclusive
4.3.16 Safeguarding Staff Travelling Overseas To ensure that appropriate checks are being taken to safeguard staff travelling overseas
8.3.16 Procurement Strategy Revised policy which sets out a number of key objectives to encourage, monitor and deliver the most effective procurement processes in alignment with the College’s Strategic Plan.
5.4.16 Students’ Association Convenor Elections 2016 To ensure that the process to elect new Student Officers is inclusive and accessible to all students.
11.4.16 Accessible computer workstation in Goodlyburn Food Hall To install an accessible computer workstation in Goodlyburn Foodhall
11.4.16 Ablution facilities for staff/students Installation of ablution facilities for staff/students
18.4.16 Accessible minibus service Implemented to support staff/students with mobility difficulties accessing and moving between Brahan/Union Link/Goodlyburn Buildings
31.08.16 Mitigating Circumstances Procedure To provide accurate guidance to staff and students on the procedure for processing mitigating circumstances for students who request an extension to an assessment deadline or where a student feels their academic performance has been directly affected.