Keeping You Safe



The College is committed to carrying out our ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities in relation to minors, children, adults at risk, students and staff, ensuring the safety and welfare of all. This involves protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights thus enabling all to live and study free from harm, abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Our responsibility is to use our professional expertise and judgement to protect and promote the best interests of students and staff, and to ensure that we exercise an appropriate level of care towards everyone, as is reasonable within the parameters of our relationship.

All staff undergo Protecting Vulnerable Group (PVG) disclosure and undertake, including refresher, mandatory safeguarding training.

The College has a Safeguarding Group which includes membership from all four Sector Development Directorates (Curriculum Sectors) as well as key membership from our Student Experience Directorate.

Criminal Convictions 

The College is committed to ensure that all applicants and students are treated fairly and transparently with regard to their application for admissions and/or continuing studies in the event of disclosure of a criminal offence.  We are committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and fair access to education opportunities, and to provision of an inclusive, accessible and safe learning environment.

Criminal offence information may be self-disclosed by an applicant/student, or received via Disclosure Scotland or from other public sector agencies, e.g. police, social work, criminal justice.

The College encourages all applicants and students to disclose information about any criminal convictions or police proceedings which may affect their ability to complete key aspects of their programme, including placements. This includes personal restrictions or other conditions arising from court orders or parole conditions, e.g. travel, contact with others, use of equipment.