Creative Industries


Current research/projects

(updated since last report)

  1. Areas of research for people with completed PhDs: Electro Acoustic Composition (David Watt); Scottish Folk Music + Popular Music Pedagogy + Creative Practice (Sean McLaughlin); DIY Culture + Entrepreneurship + Music Industries (Paul Oliver); Music for Cochlear Implants + Pop Music Pedagogy (Zak Moir).
  2. Areas of research for people working on PhDs: Non-Formal Learning of Rhythm (Ronnie Goodman); Strategic Design (Lesley McKee); Creative Learning Spaces (Helen Roger).
  3. Areas of research for people working on Masters degrees: Youth Music Policy: Framework for Evaluation (Andrew Dyce); Crafting Design Pedagogy within an Intercultural Context (Christiana Margiotti); Archaeo Acoustics (Nick Green); Professional Practice (David Paterson).

New areas of research activity

(highlighting partners in collaboration)

  1. Employability in the music industries working with Wide Days (Music Industries Conference) and other Scottish music organisations.
  2. Vadana Records (Perth College UHI Record Label) will be used as research incubator for primary research in popular music and music business research.

External engagements

(e.g. conferences)

  1. Paul Oliver and Andrew Dyce: paper presentation titled: ‘Issues and attitudes toward employment in the Scottish music industries’ at Working in Music conference at Glasgow University (January 2016).

Upcoming events

(including public lectures and on-line seminars)

  1. Music industries conference working with Youth Music Forum (YMF) to run in April similar to Words & Music, which ran in 2014 at Perth Concert Hall.