In this section you will find answers to commonly asked questions covering a range of topics, from how to make an application to our decision-making process. If you have any other questions not covered here, you can contact us for more help.

What is UHI Perth?
We are a community college of further and higher education in the heart of Scotland with around 9,000 students of different ages, backgrounds and interests. We help people learn at every level, from introductory courses all the way to PhD programmes. Our higher education courses are on offer through the University of the Highlands and Islands.

What is the University of the Highlands and Islands?
We're a leading partner in UHI, Scotland's newest university and the only higher education institution in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Colleges, research institutions and local learning centres are working together so that people across the Highlands and Islands can get access to quality higher education.

Is UHI Perth right for me?
Whatever it is you want to do, we can help you get more - however you want to learn and whatever you want to study.  No matter what background, interests, or experience you have, there's almost certainly something for you here.  You can search our courses by name, by keyword, subject area, location or study method.  You can also find out more about our student services, learning support, accommodation and student life. If you'd like to speak to our friendly Student Services team, call 01738 877379.

Do I have to live in Perth to attend UHI Perth?
Our campus is a great place to study, as it's got some fantastic views of surrounding countrside, but as much as we think you'd like it, you don't have to move here to study.  You can do many of our courses online, part-time, or by distance learning.

How old do you have to be to go to College?
Our students range in age from the young to the young at heart.  We run Foundation Apprenticeship courses for school pupils, and there's no upper age limit on our leisure and full-time programmes. While many students come straight to us from secondary school, the average age of all our students is 38. So whether you’re developing your career, facing a major life change or just want to learn something new, you're welcome at UHI Perth.

I have a business to run.  Are there any good courses to help develop my workforce?
We know that when you own or manage a business, training your staff is a real priority. So UHI Perth runs a range of courses to help improve your profitability or to meet legal requirements. We work with small retailers, local governments and even multi-nationals.

How much does College cost?
It really depends on what you’re studying and what your personal circumstances are. Many of our students get their fees paid for them, while others pay part or all of the fees. But we try to help you as much as possible through loans, bursaries and scholarships.  Our trained funding advisers will help you find out what's available.

Can I work and be a student at the same time?
Yes.  Many of our students study part-time, though distance learning or online so they can fit College around their other commitments, including work.  Three out of four of all our students study part-time. Find out more about our learning options.

How many years does it take to get a qualification?
At UHI Perth we offer a variety of courses and qualifications, and how long you are here depends on your subject, the level you're studying at, and the way you choose to study.  Our full-time students usually complete an NQ, NC, SVQ or HNC in one year, an HND in two years, a degree in three years and an honours degree in four years. This is a rough guide, and how long you’re with us depends on the decisions you make.

I have kids.  Is there a place they can stay while I’m in class?
We have a highly rated nursery on campus and access to other resources to help you find childcare.

My children are in school and want to go to University.  Is UHI Perth right for them?
We offer great options for students who are ultimately interested in University.  As a member of the University of the Highlands and Islands, we allow people to start as students here and continue directly onto a degree. We also offer a wide range of Highers that fit around both school and work.

How do I apply to College?
Applying is easy. You can apply for our courses online or contact our Student Services staff.

Can I do an evening class for fun?
You certainly can. We run leisure programmes which generally begin in the autumn and spring.

I have some special learning needs.  Can the College help with that?
We believe education is a right for all, so we make every effort to support students with learning difficulties and disabilities. find out more about Additional Support. Education and training on offer includes mainstream programmes and social and vocational studies programmes.

Can you help me find accommodation in Perth?
We have our own residences on the campus. There is no shortage of private accommodation to rent in the city centre. We do not currently offer a signposting service to private accommodation and recommend that you use the standard internet searching options.

Is there any social life at UHI Perth?
Perth has plenty of pubs, clubs and other activities on offer. You can find out more from our Students’ Association at Freshers' Fair when you start here. We also have a large student centre, the Union Link, which boasts a Starbucks and a stage for gigs and other events.

I was a student at UHI Perth and had a great time.  Is there any way to get in touch with my old classmates?
We have an Alumni Association for all past students. You automatically become a member of it when you finish your course, and can then starting getting newsletters, invitations to events and the chance to get in touch with long-lost classmates.

I just want to start my own business.  Is there any point in coming to College?
We have a great record of helping our students start up their own businesses through our Business Link. They can give you practical and theoretical advice for your start-up!

How can I find out what's going on right now? content

How can I find out what's going on right now?

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