Yoga for Climbers


Yoga sessions specifically designed to complement and optimise your climbing performance by working on mobility of the main joint groups, promoting length and overall body strength.

Yoga for Climbers: Mobility Session

Mondays @ 6.30pm - 7.30pm (BOOK HERE)

Wednesdays @ 9.00am - 10.00am (BOOK HERE

You can also book by calling ASW reception on 01738 877313

Please report to reception on arrival 

This yoga class aims to dissolve the tension created when climbing, promote length, and develop overall body strength.  The aim is to minimise any muscular imbalances that can commonly occur in a climbers body. The intention of the asanas (yoga poses) introduced during this class are not necessarily to directly promote climbing strength, but to optimise the body for climbing.  Areas of focus: neck, back, arms, shoulders, palms, fingers, feet. This class emphasis is on alignment, breath and mindful movement.  Class also recommended to those that are desk bound (shoulder opening).  Suitable for all levels as variations are provided.

£6.00 per session (pay as you go)

Please complete this Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before your first session  -you only need to complete this once

Yoga for Climbers: PAR-Q

Person doing yoga pose