Curriculum for Excellence


Perth College UHI recognises the integral importance of Curriculum for Excellence and its aim to ensure that all children and young people in Scotland develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need if they are to flourish in life, learning and work, now and in the future.

Curriculum for Excellence as demonstrated in the Four Capacities of successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors, has direct relevance to study at Perth College UHI, where we aim to ensure that our students are prepared to make valuable contributions to the organisations and communities that they join through how they study and what they study.  The philosophy and aspiration of Curriculum for Excellence are continued in to higher education by development of UHI Graduate Attributes, and in further education by Skills for Life, Learning and Work.

The College recognises that the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence was a significant change for the education sector as a whole, as questions arise about the suitability of older and new qualifications for entry to college and university.  Our admissions requirements encourage students with a wide range of achievements to apply to study with us, and as well as specific requirements of new National Awards, also consider other qualifications, experience and contextual admissions processes to support individual achievement.  Perth College UHI is committed to fair admissions practices and aims to give equal consideration to applicants who have followed different routes to education, and to take into account the circumstances in which qualifications and equivalent experiences are achieved.

You can find more general information about Curriculum for Excellence on Education Scotland’s website

It also contains information about higher education engagement with Curriculum for Excellence.