We understand that moving away from home to study can be a daunting experience so helping you to find somewhere to live where you will feel comfortable and happy is important to us. We are delighted to be able to offer a number of accommodation options.

Student residences

Our student residences provide safe, secure and comfortable accommodation in self-catering and fully furnished flats for 72 students. This option is not available for less than 9 months and is generally for an academic year beginning in September.

You must agree to a period of let for the full academic year, which at Perth College UHI is two semesters, usually running from the end of August until the start of June. Applying for residence.








Hostelling Scotland

Hostelling Scotland offer accommodation outwith term time. A car park (no parking charges during the summer) and laundry is also located on site. Contact Hostelling Scotland central booking for non term time accommodation: 0845 293 7373

Private accommodation

There is no shortage of private accommodation to rent in the city centre.  We do not currently offer a signposting service to private accommodation and recommend that you use the standard internet searching options.

Homestay scheme

For students from overseas, our scheme offers an opportunity to enjoy the enriching and rewarding experience of living with a local homestay provider. Each year, we welcome students from all over the world. They come from as far afield as China, the USA, India, Nepal, Pakistan or South Africa as well as from our European neighbours such as Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and France.

As part of their experience here in Scotland, students enjoy staying with local homestay provider and getting a true insight into the local culture and our way of living. Many of our students have remained in contact with their homestay provider long after returning to their home country. Homestay accommodation is available on a room-only or half-board (bed, breakfast and evening meal) basis. If you require further information, read about the Homestay scheme or contact