Climate connections 2011; Linking Climate Change Research


SNH conference centre, Battleby, Perth; 2011


Friday 13 May 2011, SNH Conference Centre, Battleby, Perth

With the implementation of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, Scotland is taking a global lead in transforming to a low-carbon society. But how will researchers, stakeholder organisations and the public be able to acquire, share and utilize knowledge on climate change in order to meet future challenges?

Exploring the role that climate-related knowledge networks can play in shaping understanding of, and responses to, climate change within a rural context, Climate Connections facilitated conversations between scientists and interest groups.

The seminar aimed to:

  • Increase understanding of factors driving climate-related activity in Scotland
  • Gain knowledge of networks that inform those working with the climate change arena
  • Identify opportunities for building on these networks to ensure Scotland is better equipped to respond
  • Help generate the output of the seminar, the Climate Connections Report, which will reflect the workshops and plenary discussions.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Officer. Introduction by Professor Martin Price of the Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College UHI.


A brief report that summarises activity across research networks for climate change in rural areas in Scotland will be produced for the Scottish Government, policy makers and users of research and other professionals.

The Climate Connections seminar was covered by the BBC Radio Scotland 'Out of Doors' programme on Saturday 14 May 2011. Listen here.

Climate Connections presentations.


An output generating seminar with keynote speakers; three main themes with speakers; two workshops and plenary discussions which form the basis of a report to the new government.

Welcome and Introduction to the Day Professor Martin Price 9:15am
Keynote Speaker Professor Anne Glover 9:25
State of the environment and impacts Professor Dominic Moran, Researcher Perspective 9.40
  Antje Branding, Policy Perspective 9.55
Workshop 1 Networks addressing state of environment and impacts 10.05
Teas/Coffee break, Exhibits and Networking   11.00
Feedback from Workshop 1   11.30
Drivers and Responses Dr Andy Kerr, Researcher Perspective 11.50
  Dr Rebekah Widdowfield, User perspective 12.05pm
Workshop 2 Networks addressing research delivery and research uptake 12.20
Lunch, Exhibits and Networking   1.05
Feedback from Workshop 2   2.00
Communication of Climate change Research Lorraine Fitzgerald (SCCIP) 2.20
  Graeme Cook (SPICe) 2.35
Communicating Climate Change – Experience from Clim-ATIC Clive Bowman (CMS, Perth College UHI) 2.50
Plenary Discussions Facilitated by Professor Colin Galbraith 3.05
Conclusions Professor Stuart Monro 3.50
Networking, Exhibits and taxis to Perth Railway station at 4.45pm   4.05


Martin Muir Adapting our lochs to uncertain climate futures: management in the conservation
Diana Feliciano Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rural Land Uses: a Regional Approach for the North East Scotland
Stuart Smith, Charlotte Vandenberghe, René van der Wal, Sarah Woodin, David Johnson and Robin Pakeman Carbon sequestration by upland sheep grazing management
Eli Carisle and Simon Brooks Climate change, landscape and quality of life in Scotland
Eli Carisle and Simon Brooks Climate Change Conversations - using the local landscape to talk about changes
Marion Mulholland and Shiela Currie Review of Recent Impacts of Weather Events on SNH Business Operations, Properti
and National Nature Reserves
Alistair Rennie and Jim Hansom Tidal Trend Reversals: now showing at a coast near you!