The Centre for Mountain Studies (CMS) was established at Perth College UHI in August 2000, with the objective of creating a centre of excellence for work in mountain areas within the emerging University of the Highlands and Islands.

Find out more about Perth III: Mountains of Our Future Earth (an international mountains conference held on 4 - 8 October 2015 in Perth, Scotland).  As a contribution to the conference, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society published a special issue of its newsletter ‘The Geographer’ on Scottish mountains (Autumn 2015 - the articles start on page 6).

With a focus on mountain environments and the people who depend on them, both in Scotland and internationally, the CMS has four main goals:

  • To undertake and communicate high-quality research;
  • To convene meetings to disseminate and discuss knowledge and to develop research agendas;
  • To contribute to informed policy-making processes;
  • To lead in the development and delivery of academic courses and training.


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