Estranged Students


UHI Perth sign outside of Goodlyburn building

At UHI Perth, we are committed to working with estranged students to understand the barriers they face and ensure that we support them in their chosen course of study. We fully recognise the additional barriers to learning that estranged students may face, without the support of a family network.

That is why the College is in the process of signing up to the Stand Alone Pledge to show our support for estranged students and to highlight the services available to them within the College - with a focus on finance, mental health, accommodation and outreach.

Within our Student Services team, the Guidance and Support will be your named staff contact and will provide tailored 1:1 support throughout your time at college. At UHI Perth, we work closely with both internal and external agencies to ensure you receive the advice and guidance required to help you move forward on your student journey. The type of support available can include:

  • Course options and assistance with completing the application and personal statement
  • Arranging a visit to see the facilities to help with orientation
  • Guidance and advice on funding, childcare, discretionary, accommodation and travel
  • Introduction to the Learning Development team, if necessary
  • Assistance with accessing additional support services - such as in-house counselling, pastoral support or mental health services
  • Meeting with you regularly to review on-going support
  • Discuss how you are progressing with your studies, and offer support towards your next steps after College

Find out more about Stand Alone here.