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If you are feeling low, confused or stressed, you might find counselling helpful. Together with an experienced counsellor, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss anything that is troubling you, from academic worries to mental health issues and personal relationship problems. This free service is open to all students and delivered in a safe and confidential environment with a qualified and impartial counsellor.

We would ask that as there is no access to a waiting area that you arrive on time for your session, if you do want to arrive early then the college food courts can be used. Please then make your way to your counselling room at the agreed time.

Weekly Counselling Drop-ins content

Weekly Counselling Drop-ins

Weekly Counselling Drop-ins

We offer online or face-to-face drop-in sessions. Drop-in can be used to find out more about counselling and the service so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether counselling is right for you. The counsellors can also then work with you and if there are any other external agencies that would better support your needs they can look to make recommendations or support you to refer.

If you are interested, all you need to do is email the counsellor below who’s available timeslot suits you best. Let them know which method of drop-in you would prefer, either online (phone of VC) or face-to-face, and they will book you an individual slot. Appointment slots will be a minimum of 30 minutes each, are 1:1 and are private and confidential.

Annie between 12 noon-1pm every Tuesday:

Claire between 11am-12 noon every Thursday:

If neither drop-in day or time suits you, please email and we will organise a drop-in time to accommodate you.

Scheduled Sessions content

Scheduled Sessions

Scheduled Sessions

We will contact you to offer you an initial meeting to see if counselling is suitable for you. If it is, you will be offered up to 6 sessions, each 50 minutes long. Our counsellors won’t look to give advice, instead they will look to work with you to explore the problems you are experiencing, decide what you want to get from the sessions, and help you find the way forward you want for yourself.

Counselling sessions are private and confidential and any notes taken during or after sessions will be stored according to the most recent GDPR regulations and stored securely.

What we expect from you content

What we expect from you

What we expect from you

We expect you to make a serious commitment to counselling, arriving on time for your appointment and giving us as much as possible notice if you are not able to attend. If you have any questions for your counsellor we encourage you to discuss these and so you can get the most out of your sessions. Counselling can be hard work, you may be discussing your feelings and emotions and we realise that for some people this is not what they are used to. We want you to know your counsellor will be with you every step of the way and we acknowledge your journey.

Crisis Support content

Crisis Support

Crisis Support

If you are having a mental health crisis right now, find numbers you can call for help.


Samaritans provide confidential, non-judgemental support – 24 hour service. Call: 116 123

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse for Perth is a non-profit organisation providing a place of safety for people who are at crisis point of self-harm/suicide. Call 0800 121 4820. For crisis support email:


Do you need help now? This crisis messenger text service provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need support, you can text SHOUT to 85258.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a free, confidential phone service for anyone experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. Call: 0800 83 85 87


Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Mind campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.


Around since 1923, SAMH is Scotland’s national mental health charity.

UHI Online Counselling Service content

UHI Online Counselling Service

UHI Online Counselling Service

The University of the Highlands and Islands also offers an online counselling service, find out more about this service here.

Scottish Counselling Services content

Scottish Counselling Services

Scottish Counselling Services

Struggling with your mental health?

Feeling angry or anxious all the time and unsure why? 

Do your emotions feel overwhelming?

Counselling offers you a confidential non judgemental space to talk things through.

Appointments available at a time that suits you! 

We can offer online, in person or phone appointments on weekdays and online or phone weekends and evenings.


Scottish Counselling Services Logo

You can book a session here or speak to your lecturer, student services member or P.A.T or call free
0800 028 8533


Our Counsellors Recommend… content

Our Counsellors Recommend…

Our Counsellors Recommend…

Mindfulness and Grounding

Anxiety affects many and it can be helpful to have some handy tools that can help to ground you and make you feel more at ease. One which is really effective is the 54321 Method.  

You draw your attention to 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. By focussing on your senses it will bring you back to the present moment.

Watch: The 5-4-3-2-1 Method: A Grounding Exercise to Manage Anxiety

We are also sharing a 10-minute guided meditation.  Meditations have lots of emotional and physical benefits including an increasing self-awareness, reducing negative emotions, increasing tolerance to distress, focusing on the present and gaining perspective on anxious and stressful situations and environments.

Watch: 10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety

How to be more mindful

  • Listen but don’t interrupt
  • Notice but don’t react
  • Feel but don’t be bothered
  • Breathe but don’t rush
  • Think but don’t worry
  • Do but don’t hurry

Our Counsellors

The counselling service is made up of 1 full-time counsellor Claire Nelson (Monday-Friday) and 1 part-time counsellor Annie Garrigan (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). All are registered members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework.

To self-refer, or to find out more, please contact us

Claire Nelson content Claire Nelson portrait

Claire Nelson

Student Counsellor

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Annie Garrigan

Student Counsellor
07385 433513