Kirsty Cassells


Kirsty teaches Accounting classes to school pupils as part of the School College Partnership Curriculum.

Kirsty has worked at lots of interesting places like the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews and Ballathie House Hotel where she would often bump into well known faces like Billy Connelly, former primer minister John Major and even James Bond (Timothy Dalton)!

Accounting classes with Kirsty tend to be quiet and full of concentration but opportunities for group work can provide fun and entertaining activities.

Kirsty enjoys teaching young people because they tend to be enthusiastic and have a real willingness to learn.  Students enjoy getting an insight into a different learning environment, and having more independence and responsibility for their learning.

If a school pupil was struggling to decide if a college course was right for them, Kirsty would encourage them to come in for a chat with a lecturer or the college careers service to find out as much as they can about the course so they can make an educated decision.