Courses for School Pupils


All of our School College Partnership courses can lead to further study at College, University or to employment. Courses start at S3 and build year by year to S6. There are many benefits to undertaking a course while still at school, and doing so has helped a large number of young people on the path to a successful career.

Having discussions with school and college guidance staff will help you to make the right choice for your future.

If you are interested in courses for school leavers, please see the Subject Areas section of our website. 

Course nameSCQF Level
Introduction to Beauty Skills 3
Gateway to College 3/4
Introduction to Hairdressing 3
Passport to Childcare 4
Introduction to a Career in Social Care 4
Skills for Work Engineering Skills 4
Skills for Work Hairdressing 4
Construction Crafts Multiskills 4
Skills for Work Automotive 4
NPA Construction Craft and Technician (Subject to Approval) 4
NPA Bakery 4
NPA Sport and Fitness: Outdoor Sport  5
Passport to Sport 5
Skills for Work: Early Learning and Childcare National 5  5
Skills for Work: Health Sector National 5 5
NPA Beauty 5
NPA Criminology 5
Professional Cookery - Come Dine with Me 5
Hospitality Skills Foundation Apprenticeship 5
Skills for Work Hairdressing 5
NPA Computer Games Development 5
National 5 Psychology 5
National 5 Environmental Science 5
Skills for Work Laboratory Skills 5
Certificate in First Line Management 6
NQ Activity Tourism 6
NPA Music Business 6
NPA Criminology 6
NPA Hospitality Operations 6
Skills for Work Higher Beauty 6
NPA Computer Games Development 6
Higher Childcare & Development 6
Higher Psychology 6
Higher Photography 6
Scientific Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship   6
Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship 6
Creative and Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship 6
Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprenticeship 6
Social Services Children and Young People Foundation Apprenticeship 6
Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship 6
Financial Services Foundation Apprenticeship 6
IT in Business: Word Processing and Presentations 7
HNC Social Sciences  7
Humanities Multi-skills 7
Sport and Exercise Science 7
PDA Psychology 7
PDA Criminology 7
Emerging Technologies: Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence 7
Health Studies: The Nature of Health 7
PDA Modern Biological Technologies 7