Frequently Asked Questions


What is coming to College like?

At first coming to College can be daunting, but don’t worry everyone is in the same position and there is support available to you. Previous pupils have found it to be a positive experience, and enjoy learning at College, or in the workplace. You will also have the opportunity to meet pupils from all over Perth and Kinross. Please note, your attendance is monitored and communicated to your school.

How do I get to College?

Pupils access our Crieff Road Campus on foot or via public transport. Free bus travel for young people under 22 in now in place. To access this you will need to apply for a National Entitlement Card (NEC).

What support is available at College?

Your lecturer is your first point of contact at the College. The Schools/College Partnership Team are also available to help with any issues and work closely with your school to ensure everything is running smoothly. At school, your Guidance Teacher and Skills Development Scotland Adviser are available to help as normal.

How valuable are the School-College Partnership courses?

The SCQF Level is indicated in the course information. However, the value of coming to College and completing one of these courses goes beyond just the qualification. You will gain other valuable skills including, confidence, communication, teamwork and problem solving - all of which are essential to further study and the world of work.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment usually takes place through different assignments and, in some cases, work-based SVQ units. Your lecturer will make you aware of the assessments you will need to complete throughout the year.

How are the courses certified?

For most courses, the course is shown on your SQA Certificate. Please see the individual course information to confirm the course level.

How does the College course fit with my school timetable?

The Schools/College Partnership courses are designed to fit within the school day, and we work with a Depute Head Teacher in every school to agree the timetable ahead of course choice. If you have any queries, please speak with your Guidance Teacher or Depute Headteacher.