National 5 Psychology

DurationLocation SCQF LevelYear Group

One Year

Online with WebEx Teaching

Face-to-face in schools


 S4 or S5


About this course content

About this course

About this course

That National 5 Psychology course will provide students with knowledge and understanding of psychology through the study of a range of topics. Students will be taught about psychological concepts, theories and research studies to allow them to gain an understanding of human behaviour.  The study of topics from individual and social behaviour will enable them to understand a range of factors that influence human behaviour. Students will also study Research Methods in which they will gain an understanding of the cycle of research. They will also learn about the experimental method and the non- experimental method such as interview and survey. The importance of ethics within research will be highlighted. and candidates will also develop numeracy skills relevant to research.

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Course content

Course content


In studying research methods, candidates will learn about the research cycle as well as a number of experimental and non-experimental methods.  They will also consider the planning of research and the importance of ethics when doing so. Students will also learn concepts relating to research and will develop appropriate numerical skills.

Individual behaviour

In this unit students will investigate topics such as Sleep and Dreams and learn how these topics can be explained using psychological theories. They will also learn how to evaluate through considering strengths and weaknesses of different theories and examples of research.

Social behaviour

In this unit students will look at the individual in the social context and how interaction with others influences behaviour. Topics such as Conformity and Obedience will be included and the influence of factors from the social environment on behaviour will be explored.

Entry requirements content

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Students require to have achieved National 4 level competencies in numeracy and literacy to gain entry to National 5 Psychology.

Course progression content

Course progression

Course progression

Students who successfully complete National 5 Psychology will have the opportunity to progress to Higher Psychology in year 5 or 6.