Humanities and Social Sciences


The study of social sciences aims to stimulate your curiosity about the constantly changing world in which we live and to equip you with the capacity to understand and critically analyse it. Preparing you for a broad range of professions – from social work to teaching.

A humanities and social sciences qualification gives you the skills and knowledge that you need for a career working with people, their cultures and society. In the process of studying social sciences, you will develop transferable skills in problem-solving, group working and communication which are highly valued by employers.

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Courses for school pupils

Course nameSCQF Level
National 5 Psychology 5
NPA Criminology 5
NPA Criminology 6
Higher Psychology 6
PDA Criminology                     7
PDA Psychology 7
Humanities Multi-skills 7
HNC Social Sciences 7


Industry Information

The typical starting salary in a graduate Social Sciences job ranges from £25-27,000 per annum. Some examples are:
• Civil Service Fast Stream Graduate Training Programme - £25,000
• Graduate Developer - £25,000
• Research Officer, Office for National Statistics - £28,000