Tough Mudder


Tough mudder pictureThe 10k Tough Mudder is soon approaching, and we want you to get involved!

Community is important to ASW which is why we are signing up as one big team. No matter if you have minimal fitness experience to advanced fitness fanatic, you can take part.

Over 10 weeks the fitness team will run a variety of sessions which are programmed specifically to prepare you for the event, push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you not just physically, mentally too. We will build up your strength, endurance, functional fitness, confidence, knowledge and much more.

You won’t be doing this alone... everyone will be training together. The instructors who aren’t leading the session will be taking part alongside you.

Become part of our community, part of a team.

What’s included?

- Tough Mudder Entry ticket (£76)

- 10-week Strength programme via mywellness app

- 20 different functional classes/ bootcamps

- Weekly distance goals

- From week 4/5 onwards, weekly team runs

- 10 recovery sessions to enhance recovery, improve mobility & flexibility and unwind

- Nutrition advice specific to fuelling performance

- Team WhatsApp group

- 5 check ins with instructor to ensure you receive adequate support and advice (Check in every 2 weeks)

- Daily accountability, motivation & support


When is the event? 10k Tough Mudder – Sunday 3rd July


When does the training begin? Monday 11th April for 9-10 weeks


Cost £116 for Ticket & Training OR £40 for training package


To sign up, follow the link below and all information will be sent out the weekend before wk/c 11th April.