Scholarship fund


A scholarship is a gift which could make an enormous difference to a student’s life.

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It is designed to support students who are committed to their studies and develop their skills to reach their full potential. A gift of this nature has a great impact on our students, and for our supporters, the ability to help individuals to realise their full potential is extremely rewarding. These awards are not means tested but are awarded on merit and a whole range of opportunities exist, from financial awards to professional mentoring and work experiences. This enriches the student experience and enables people to go on to enjoy even more rewarding careers. Students can use the money to help purchase equipment or materials linked to their course. Some awards also offer a unique experience such as professional mentoring or additional training to help gain experience and achieve their dreams.

If you would like to apply for a Scholarship, fill out our application form here.

Scholarships allows talented young people from any background to unlock their potential. It enhances the student experience and provides:

  • A unique opportunity to link with businesses
  • An award for excellence
  • Mentoring from benefactors
  • Increased employability
  • Greater self confidence
  • A financial reward

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin

Working in Partnership with Organisatons

The Scholarship programme enables our partners, organisations and friends to help develop the next generation of talented individuals and provide a highly skilled workforce, which in turn, will enhance the Scottish economy. Successful students can benefit from scholarships, thank to generous donations from businesses, individuals and trusts and provides businesses with:

  • Diverse marketing opportunities
  • The chance to invest in Scotland’s economic future
  • The possibility to recruit graduates to meet your business needs
  • Enhanced company perception through support of students and the wider community
  • A fresh insight into your business

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