Board of Trustees


Our Board of Trustees meet twice a year and are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of our Development Trust (which is a charity), developing our aims, objectives and goals in accordance with the Trust Deed, and legal and regulatory guidelines.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • To ensure that the charity functions in line with legal frameworks and governing document.
  • To ensure that the charity operates in a manner that is consistent with its purpose.
  • To ensure that the charity’s assets and resources are used for the purpose of the charity and to be accountable for them.
  • To act with the care and diligence that it is reasonable to expect of a person who is managing the affairs of someone else.
  • To determine the overall development of the charity through good governance and clear strategic planning.

President: Stephen Leckie, Lord Lieutenant of Perth and Kinross


Dr Brian Crichton, Chair

Dr Margaret Cook, Principal

Andrew Ritchie

The Hon Catherine Drummond Herdman