Information for Homestay Providers


We are currently looking for local residents to join our Homestay Provider scheme. Do you have a spare room and could provide a warm and welcoming environment? Would you welcome the company of students from across the globe? Would you welcome a small income?

If any of the above apply, have you ever thought about offering accommodation to one or more of our language school students?  Every year we welcome a large number of students from the EU and the rest of the world into our British Council accredited language school at UHI Perth.

Why become a Homestay Provider?

Our long-standing homestay providers welcome students year after year and in some cases become friends.

We really enjoy hosting students, as well as helping them develop their language skills, we learn about different worldwide cultures from them. My husband and I started doing it after the children had flown the nest and the house felt too quiet. Although it’s also nice to earn an extra income, we very much enjoy showing the students what it’s like to live within a Scottish family home, and we stay in touch with many of them. I recommend it, it’s a very enjoyable thing to do, and the house feels livelier again.” Lynda Massie

We like young company now that our kids are grown up. The students are normally very nice, clean, tidy and polite. A pleasure to have as house guests. We have hosted now for about 20 years and never had a bad experience. In fact, one Chinese girl stayed for seven years and we went to china to meet her family. So you make friends from all over the world.

“It also gives us a sense of purpose, we cook better meals and our day is more interesting and structured. The money of course comes in very handy and I must admit, we really enjoy our students and would recommend anyone to have a go.” Moira and Alex Harper

If you don’t want to become so closely involved then that’s okay too – you can wave goodbye to one student and welcome another without any requirement to stay in touch.

Weekly Allowance

Currently we pay £120 per week for self-catering, £160 per week for "half board", £170 during the summer school and £180 per week for special dietary requirement, 

Our self-catering option allows students to prepare their own food at a time that is more suitable to their schedule. 

With our half-board option, Homestay providers provide both breakfast and an evening meal during the week and all 3 meals at the weekend including lunch.

For students who attend our summer school, we offer full-board catering which includes all meals with a packed lunch on the days the students attend college.

We also offer accommodation to students who may have special dietry requirements i.e. halal.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply to become a Homestay provider you can fill out the Homestay Provider Application Form. Once you have completed all the relevant fields and tick boxes please save the changes and send the form to

If you need any assistance with the form or submitting the form please contact the homestay team on 01738 877299.