Costs and payment


Our residences comprise of 16 secure, comfortable and fully-furnished flats. Each flat has its own kitchen, dining/living area and a number of either single or twin bedrooms.

Room Types

You can request one of three types of bedroom:

Single rooms: These are 12.5 square metres and are equipped with a single bed, bedroom furniture and storage, a study desk and an en-suite toilet and shower room.

Twin rooms: Twin rooms are 20.5 square metres and have two single beds. Two students in each room will share the en-suite toilet/shower facilities.

Specially adapted rooms: There are a limited number of bedrooms adapted for access by students with physical disabilities. They are classified as single rooms. Please let us know in your application form if you require one of them.

Period of let

You must agree to a period of let for the full academic year, which at Perth College UHI is two semesters, as shown in the table below. You are financially liable for the full period of the let.

Refundable Deposit

Only once you have been offered accommodation you should send us your deposit of £250 within 5 working days, so that we can process your application. Please call our finance team on 01738 877235 to make payment by debit or credit card.

If we have not received your deposit within 5 working days of sending your offer we will offer the accommodation to another applicant. Your deposit is returnable at any time during the application process.

Non UK Government funded students must pay £1000 by bank draft no later than 31/07/2020 and the balance in full before occupation. £250 of this is a refundable deposit

Costs for 2020-2021

 WeeksStart DateEnd date



        Annual Weekly Annual Weekly
FE/HNC/HND 40 29/08/2020 04/06/2021 £5,567.20 £139.18 £4,286.74 £107.17
Degree 37 29/08/2020 14/05/2021 £5,149.66 £139.18 £3,965.24 £107.17

Payment plans for 2020-2021

UK Government Funded Students

In all cases 4 weeks rent must be paid before you will be able to move into your accommodation.

1st Payment to be paid no later than 31/7/2020*

2nd payment to be paid no later than 28/8/2020 (this payment is non-refundable)

8 x monthly payments - First payment due 5/10/2020

Weeks Single Twin Single Twin Single Twin
40 £278.36 £214.34 £278.36 £214.34 £626.31


37 £278.36 £214.34 £278.36 £214.34 £574.12


* This amount will not be refundable after 21 August 2020.

Non UK-Government-Funded Students

In all cases the full amount must paid before you can move into your accommodation.

Initial Payment by Bank Draft - to be paid by 30/07/2020. This includes £250 refundable deposit.

Balance by Bank Draft - to be paid before occupation

Weeks Single Twin Single Twin
40 £1,000.00 £1,000.00 £4,817.20 £3,536.74
37 £1,000.00 £1,000.00 £4,399.66 £3,215.24

Charges include all utility costs. We also provide a free, filtered Ethernet/Wi-Fi internet connection through the College's network for educational purposes. Annual costs in the table above are based on weekly rates times duration.

You should budget separately for food and other living expenses.

Parking charges

If you keep a vehicle on our campus then you will have to pay for parking, unless you have a blue badge parking permit.

If you want to get a permit for longer periods, you are able to buy one from our finance office at any time throughout the year. Costs will be available at the time you move in.

Conditions are that: you have to pay the full price in one go and you won't get a refund if you leave your course early.

If you'd prefer to pay for shorter periods, you can buy a ticket each day from the machines in the car park which cost 40p per half day and 80p per full day. You can also buy scratchcards from any of our canteens.