Costs and payment


Our secure, comfortable and fully furnished residences comprise of 3 blocks of flats and one house (all located within our College grounds) with an overall capacity level of housing 75 residents.  Flats can accommodate up to 5 individuals, each with their own room (or sharing a twin room) and en-suite, sharing a kitchen and seating area.  The house can accommodate up to 3 individuals, each have their own room but share the bathroom, kitchen and seating areas

Room Types in the Flats

You can request one of three types of bedroom:

Single rooms: These are 12.5 square metres and are equipped with a single bed, bedroom furniture and storage, a study desk and an en-suite toilet and shower room.

Twin rooms: Twin rooms are 20.5 square metres and have two single beds. Two students in each room will share the en-suite toilet/shower facilities.

Specially adapted rooms: There are a limited number of bedrooms adapted for access by students with physical disabilities. They are classified as single rooms. Please let us know in your application form if you require one of them.

Period of let

You must agree to a period of let for the full academic year, which at UHI Perth is two semesters, as shown in the table below. You are financially liable for the full period of the let.

Costs for 2022-2023

No of Weeks/Course TypeStart DateEnd DateTotal Cost Weekly Cost 9 Monthly Instalment 
      Single Twin Single Twin Single Twin
40 (FE, HNC and HND) 27/08/2022 04/06/2023 5727.60 4447.20 143.19 111.18 636.40 494.13
37 (Degree) 27/08/2022 14/05/2023 5298.03 4113.66 143.19 111.18 588.67 457.07


Charges include all utility costs. We also provide a free, filtered Ethernet/Wi-Fi internet connection through the College's network for educational purposes. Annual costs in the table above are based on weekly rates times duration.

You should budget separately for food and other living expenses.

Depending on the length of your course, your contract will be for either 37 or 40 weeks.

  • The weekly rate for a single room is £143.19
  • The weekly rate for a twin room is £111.18

Please do not depend upon any Student Loans, Bursaries or Discretionary Funds to meet your rent payments.

Payment Plans

If your application is successful, a full month's rent must be paid before you can move into your accommodation (on or before 20 August).  Rent is then due monthly where you will receive an invoice for the full amount due, where we request that you set up a Recurring Bank Transfer with your bank to pay by monthly instalments, the first instalment due on 5 October 2022, the last instalment being 5 May 2023.

  • The monthly instalment for a single room, for 40 weeks, is £636,40
  • The monthly instalment for a single room, for 37 weeks, is £588.67
  • The monthly instalment for a twin room, for 40 weeks, is £494.13
  • The monthly instalment for a twin room, for 37 weeks is £457.07

The monthly rate is in place to spread equally the amount due for the entire year and to help you budget accordingly, it does not necessarily reflect the weekly rate, however the overall total due is the same.

Payment in Full

Some students may wish to pay upfront rent due for the full year, this is illustrated below:

  • The annual rate for a single room, for 40 weeks, is £5727.60
  • The annual rate for a single room, for 37 weeks, is £5298.03
  • The annual rate for a twin room, for 40 weeks, is £4447.20
  • The annual rate for a twin room, for 37 weeks, is £4113.66