Homestay information for students


Our homestay programme allows international students the opportunity to stay with a local host in a clean and safe home, all pre-approved by our International team. This allows our students to fully immerse themselves in the Scottish way of life.

Why stay with a Homestay Provider?

Staying with a Homestay provider during your time with UHI Perth can be a unique and invaluable experience. Here are just a few reasons to stay with a host.

Improve your English

There is no better way to improve your English than by living with locals. Your Homestay provider will be more than happy to help you learn and maybe even teach you some Scottish phrases to make you feel right at home.


Your Homestay provider will be on-hand to introduce you to all things Scottish. They will show you around the local area and direct you towards anywhere you may need to go while you are here such as your local shops and the nearest medical practice.

In addition, being based in Perth, we are so lucky to be within a very short distance of beautiful historical Scottish cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee as well as the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.


Staying with a Homestay provider is also a great way to try the local cuisine. If you select the half-board option, it is common for your host to prepare you traditional Scottish meals.


Living with a Homestay provider will give you a front row seat to local traditions and perhaps even family holidays. See how birthdays, holidays and other events are celebrated in Scotland and maybe you can introduce your host to a few traditions from your own country!

Gain a second family

The relationship you develop with your Homestay provider can be a very special bond that you will carry with you long after you have left Scotland. Many of our students keep in touch with their hosts and even pay them a visit.

How to apply

Simply contact or call 01738 877299 and we can start the application process. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to find a Homestay provider that is right for you.

Costs 2022/23

Our self-catering option allows you to prepare your own food at a time that is more suitable to your schedule.  This option costs £120 per week.

With our half-board option, our Homestay providers provide both breakfast and an evening meal during the week and all meals at the weekend. The cost of this option is £160.00 per week.

For those who would like to attend our summer school, we offer our students full-board catering which includes all meals including a packed lunch for the days you attend college. This costs £170 per week.

We also offer accommodation to students who may have special dietry requirements i.e. halal. This costs £180 per week.


We can arrange a taxi-transfer, which will collect you from the airport and take you to your homestay accommodation, for an approximate fee of £100.00.

If you are under 18, a taxi-transfer must be arranged.