Students’ silver success in top Chinese competition

Out of 150 projects shortlisted, the project was ranked 5th place in their group, achieving a Silver award.

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Xianze Zeng and Dr Rahul Kumarfor

The ‘Internet+’ competition, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education, is the highest-level competition for Chinese college students studying at an International University.

Xianze Zeng, an Aircraft Engineering student studying at Perth College UHI through a partnership with Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics (ZUA), China was project leader along with fellow UHI team members: Kexin Zhang and Mingkang Peng.

Dr Rahul Kumar, Project Coordinator, commented: “We partnered with ZUA, China in 2021. This student group were hard-working and motivated, and we agreed to support them for this competition. Xianze recently moved to Perth College UHI to complete his final year on the BEng Aircraft Engineering degree.

“I would like to congratulate Xianze and his team for this achievement and wish them success for future endeavours. We also hope that this success will encourage other students to participate in such collaborative international competitions in the future.”

Xianze added: “There were a total of 150 projects in the finals, which were selected from tens of thousands of projects from thousands of universities around the world. Among these, 43 projects were from the UK, most among the top 100 universities in the world. I think this is very worthy of our pride!”