UHI and Lapland University of Applied Sciences supporting international economic growth

A new partnership between UHI and Lapland University of Applied Sciences has made a significant step forward with the signing of a memorandum of understanding that will see both institutions work together to set a path for future study and research collaborations.

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Lapland University of Applied Sciences

The like-minded institutions already share interests in adventure, sports tourism and international business, and this partnership will support opportunities for international student and staff collaborations.

The unique exchange programme, which is being coordinated though Perth College UHI, allows Lapland University of Applied Sciences students to immerse themselves in a Scottish-environment learning setting. Likewise, UHI students will have the chance to study how nature impacts regional industry at one of the most northerly European universities.

Delivery has already started, with a joint project ‘Global Sports Environments’ which saw both partners participate in a presentation of national key sporting characteristics and international networks opportunities.

Lin Shen, Director of Partnerships at Perth College UHI, said: “The sports management team and the International Centre at Perth College UHI have planned to attend the international week hosted by Lapland University of Applied Sciences later this month.

“Signing the memorandum of understanding confirms our desire to collaborate and offer an enriching learning experience to our student and research communities, while leading the way in addressing issues like climate change, health inequalities and attracting talent to our region.

“UHI is proud of its unique place and deep roots in its local communities and partnerships like this encourage our own students to learn and grow in the Highlands and Islands and help to drive economic growth through tourism and knowledge exchange.”

Tarja Tammia, Manager for Northern Well-being and Services Expertise Group, at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, added: “We are very excited to develop this partnership with UHI. Looking forward, we expect to create opportunities for our staff and students to benefit from mutual areas of interest such as sport, tourism and nature. As northern educational institutions, it is only natural that we look to exchange expertise and enhance learning experiences for our students.”