Sustainable Deer Management


Semester two

Module Leader: Dr Rosalind Bryce

This module explores the role and position of deer in the Scottish Highlands and further afield from sustainable rural development and integrated land management perspectives. Deer are a keystone species in shaping the ecology of mountain environments. They are also a national resource. ‘Sustainable deer management’ is essential to optimise the multiple public and private benefits associated with deer, whilst minimising negative impacts.

Sustainable deer management means managing wild deer by taking account of the full range of environmental, social and economic factors. This module explores the montane ecosystem context for deer management planning and deer ecology and behaviour. The module also explores deer population modelling and cull target setting as well as maximising the economic benefits of deer through paid stalking, eco-tourism and venison marketing. Practical elements of the course will explore monitoring, culling, extraction and venison processing.

This module is also available as a standalone CPD module -  CPD Award Sustainable Deer Management (

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