Students look ‘Outside In’ at Perth Museum

Perth College UHI students are staging an exhibition of work at Perth Museum Titled ‘Outside In’.

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The exhibition in Perth Museum

Running from 17 April – 27 June, the seven second year Contemporary Art Practice students, curated the eclectic selection of artworks following their own interests and passions.

Students could create anything they liked. They created a brief, time plan, details of what they were investigating, materials, tools and equipment to be used; how they would undertake the project and plan to maintain safe working practices whilst at home.

A wide selection of materials was used, including: ink, clay, leather, acrylic, material and vintage biscuit tins, all of which have helped to produce a colourful and pleasing display. The labels written by the students, explain the work inspiration and will make the public think about their own inspirations in life.

One of the student exhibitors explained: “The notion of 'Outside In' was simply a common thread through most of our work where there was an element of introspection such as who we were as individuals, who we were culturally, who we were physically, who we were politically and who we wanted to be. Yet as we asked these inner questions, we realised we were going to be displayed and 'looked at' by the world outside of the cabinet who would be asking themselves the same questions. We think from the inside but are seen from the outside - that's it in a nutshell!

“Working towards an exhibition in the public arena is an exciting but also daunting prospect. Perth Museum and Gallery is a friendly, fitting place and, a great opportunity for us to start our journey of being seen as artists."

Simon Reekie, Perth College UHI Programme Leader in Art and Contemporary Practices said: “I’ve been blown away by the passion, dedication and talent of the students in creating work for inclusion in this exhibition. We are incredibly grateful to Culture Perth and Kinross for this opportunity in supporting the students to gain this experience. Taking part in an exhibition and understanding how the exhibition process works has been a wonderful opportunity for the students and has helped them learn valuable skills for their future careers.

“If these group of students are anything to go by, Perth College UHI and the City of Perth has an incredibly exciting artistic future ahead.”