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Book Clubs

The Perth College UHI Book Club and the ESOL Reading Club are running now online. The ESOL club is meeting today at 4pm. We will be talking about 'Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' by  Arthur Conan Doyle. Do not give up on socialising and join us!

From now on Perth College UHI Book Club will run on Monday at 4.00 pm and the ESOL Reading Club will take place on Wednesday at 4pm.

If you would like to take part, please get in touch with Perth College UHI Library via email: We will provide you with a copy of the short stories we are reading.

The ESOL book club meeting to discuss their next book

Self-scan Unit

Have you seen the library's new self-scan unit? If the library desk is busy, any library user can use the new service. It’s quick, easy and saves time.

The new library self scan machine

Why not download the UHI MEESCAN App?

Watch a short video on how to use the service.

Book Week Scotland 2019

What an amazing, inspiring week - celebrating the power of books, reading and writing. We had over 100 people getting involved in the events organised by Perth College UHI Library, so thank you to everyone that participated. We organised a themed dinner party together with the hospitality department in the Gallery Restaurant. We had author visits from writers Kerry Hudson and Conner McAleese where they discussed their latest books. And the week finished with a creative writing workshop run by author Tracey Emerson - where we engaged with external organisation, Support in Mind.

We were totally overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback. So, thank you for all of your support!

Events that took place at book week scotland

UHI Writing Competition

Thank you to all the students that took part in the UHI Writing Competition, it was great to read so many good entries. The topic was New Beginnings and the winner of the English entry was Liam Tearse, an NQ Personal and Vocational Studies student from Lews Castle College. Roderick Macleod was the winner of the Gaelic entry, he is studying BA (Hons) Gaelic Language and Culture. Congratulations to both of them.

Liam winner of the uhi writing competition

New Beginnings by Liam Tearse

Click. Beep. Strong white light.
Push. Groan. Eyes shut tight.
Exclamation of surprise.
With newborn lungs, powerful cry.
Life has started, a life has changed.
A room, with toys must be arranged.
A chance for learning, a chance for love.
A little life that is beloved.
A chance for changing the course of the earth.
Life made an imprint straight from birth.
Who will this person grow to be?
Glory is in the wait and see.
Excitement in taking you home.
The love that will someday be outgrown.
Baby nestles into mother's skin.
We watch while this new life begins.

Rory winner of the UHI Gaelic writing competition

New Beginnings by Roderick Macleod

Ma bhitheas luach nàdair neach cho cudromach ri sùim nan coileanaidhean, dè an t-àite as fheàrr airson tòiseachadh na leis an liosta ud ann an litir Phòil gu nan Galàtianaich (5mh caibideil, 22-23mh earrainn)?

Athair nèamhaidh,

dùisg sinn le do ghràdh

soillsich ar beatha le d’ aoibhneas

gum bi sinn air ar bàisteadh nad shìth dhomhainn,

mar gun tigeadh sinn beò ann an latha ùr.

Gun ciùinicheadh tu led fhoighidinn sinn.

Cuir do chaomhalachd an àite ar fèineileachd.

Nar n’aingidheachd, tha tart oirnn airson

uisgeachan milis do mhaitheis.

Anns an caoimhneas do làimh

tha ar slàinte air fhoillseachadh.

Agus nach e dìlseachd

toradh an fhèin-smachd?

New Beginnings by Roderick Macleod. Translated by Anne Frater


If a person’s nature is to be measured by the sum of its parts, where better to start than with the list in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, chapter 5 ,verse 22-23?

Heavenly father

wake us with your love

light our life with your joy

so that we may be baptised in your profound peace,

as if we were coming alive in a new day.

That you would quiet us with your patience

put your gentleness in place of our selfishness

in our iniquity we thirst

for the sweet waters of your goodness.

In the gentleness of your hand

our health is revealed.

And is faithfulness not

the fruit of self-control?


Reading Well for Mental Health

A carefully curated collection of books, to support and inform on aspects of Mental Health, is now available at Perth College UHI library. The self help guides, and personal stories, are aimed at students and staff. To see the full list of titles, and where they can be found, go to the Reading Well for Mental Health list.