How do you balance work/ childcare/ exercise?

Hmm well it’s not easy, it’s a bit of a juggling act, and some days are definitely easier than others, but I’m managing to get some form of exercise at least once a day.

What is your exercise routine?

My routine while in the office is a class at the ASW every lunchtime, and maybe and extra class at home later in the evening, with a run at the weekend.

What keeps you motivated?

The feeling I get when I have finished any exercise routine, is what it’s about for me, even if the class was tough, the sense of achievement and relief of stress is definitely the motivator.  I couldn’t do without it now. Oh and of course my running buddy Gemma, we definitely keep each other going, setting out new challenges for ourselves, it’s not about who is better, it’s about how can we get better and push that little bit harder, with lots of fun and laughs along the way.

Have you signed up to any challenges/ have you achieved any PB’s/ have you completed any challenges recently?

From October 20 to December 20, I had managed to gather 5 medals for virtual runs and 1 which was a set course which was to be run anytime in December, with a mixture of smaller and longer distances, the hardest of which I think was the set run (Auchterarder Chilli Race), it was only 10K but first 5K was straight uphill, definitely a good experience and has now encouraged Gemma and I to try and complete some trail runs, with the intention of running this race again next year at a better pace.  I have set up a few more challenges for 2021, so hopefully some more medals on the way.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to become more active?

Try and plan for the week, it always help me to set out on a Sunday night, what I’d like to achieve that week, it won’t always go to plan as other things may crop up, but it’s a start and it’s there for a guide to keep you going.  Start slowly, and build up gradually, always remember something is better than nothing, it’s about getting out and having fun while being more active.  Finding someone who you can go walking or running with is a bonus, as you can help and encourage each other, while not feeling so isolated.