Gemma and Russell Duffy


Gemma and Russell

We asked our loyal members about their progress and how they are getting on. Check out their response!

"We have never felt more welcome and more comfortable than we do at the ASW. There is always someone there ready to help you with any questions, setting up of machines and weights or just to have a chat with.

"We particularly enjoy the varied range of classes on offer and each class is suitable of all abilities.

"Recently we have had some PT sessions and this has given us both a new confidence to come into the gym together or on our own and make complete use of all the equipment available. Along with advised on health and nutrition we are well on the road to a healthy lifestyle!

"The gym has a very relaxed feel and is always spotlessly clean and all staff really go out of their way to get to know members.

"During the lockdowns the ASW made a very positive impact on our lives by encouraging members & non members to get outdoors with daily activity challenges not to mention the countless fitness videos posted on facebook for anyone to follow.

"All round this is a great place to workout, socialise and make positive changes to your life!!"