IC7 Spin bikes


new spin bikes

We are excited to bring the new, top of the range Life Fitness IC7 spin bikes to your group cycle classes!

The new bikes have Coach By Color® which means there are 5 different coloured working zones to ensure you are working at the right intensity and are always challenging yourself. This will make your workouts more intense so get ready to take your fitness to the next level.

Diagram showing a colour chart from very light to maximum

The 5 different colours represent what effort level you are working at throughout the class. We recommend you take a FTP test before participating so that the colours are suited specifically to you.

  • White: <55% = Very Light
  • Blue: 56-75% = Light
  • Green: 75-90% = Moderate
  • Yellow: 91-105% = Very Hard
  • Red: 106-150+% = Maximum

What is an FTP test?
Functional Threshold Power (FTP) represents the workload above which a person cannot sustain prolonged exercise.

Once you complete an FTP test you will be able to set the bike specifically to you so you can work at the correct intensity. Whether you are an athlete or complete beginner, you can work at the same level of intensity and get the most from the class

How to complete an FTP test

We have 3 spin bikes available in the first room of the gym where you can go in and put your fitness to the test at anytime.

  • You will need to download the ICG app from your app store and create an account.
  • Once you have created an account, please click 'connect now' and select your bike number.
  • Press the second button from the left then click 'FTP Test Warm up' & 'quick start' on the bike.
  • You will then be presented with the choice of 2 x warm ups, one for the 5 minute test and one for the 20 minute test. We recommend you do at least 5 minutes to warm up and prepare your body for the test.
  • Once your warm up is complete, go back to the main page on the bike. Scroll down and select 'power tests'. The bike will provide further instructions on speed and resistance.
  • Work as hard as you can and the bike will show your FTP level. When you go to any spin class you will be able to input your FTP and set the bike suited to your ability.

How to set up an IC7 spin bike;

The new IC7 bikes have advanced technology compared to our previous spin bikes. Instead of moving the resistance lever down to increase the resistance, you can now turn a dial in small increments or go from 0-100% effort, quickly. To use the break, you can push down on this dial and it will slow the bike down immediately.

To adjust the seat, stand on the back of the bike and ensure seat is in line with hips. If you need to adjust, please use the gas assisted flip lever to move the seat up or down. You want to ensure your knees don't fully straighten and there is a slight bend

To adjust the handles bar, ensure you are in a comfortable, upright position with a slight tilt forwards. If you need to adjust, please use the flip lever.

To move handlebars and seat forwards or backwards, please use the thumb lever that is located nearby and adjust to suit you.

Ensure your feet are strapped in the pedals, you are pushing through your heels rather than pointing your toes and enjoy!