Our gym equipment includes a variety of the latest cardiovascular and strength resistance equipment to help you with achieving your fitness goals and to inspire you to move your body, de-stress and improve or maintain your fitness levels! In addition, our fitness staff will be on hand to offer advice, encouragement and motivation when needed!

Fitness room

Gym Opening Times
Monday to Friday  7.00am to 10.00pm 
Saturday  8.00am to 6.00pm 
Sunday  8.00am to 10.00pm 

We have a great selection of equipment for you to choose from to help keep your work out challenging, fresh and varied!

Cardio equipmentStrength and resistance training equipment
8 Treadmills 2 Leg Extension
4 Cross Trainers 1 Seated Leg Curl
2 Power Mills 1 Seated Leg Press
4 Upright Bikes 1 Pulldown
2 Recumbent Bikes 1 Assist Dip Chin
1 Versa Climber 2 Chest Press
2 Flex Strider 2 Shoulder Press
1 Watt Bike 2 Fly/Delt
3 Rowing machines 1 Dumbbell Rack Double
2 Lifecycle GX Bike 1 Multi Adjustable Bench
1 Upper Body Ergometers 1 Dual Adjustable Pulley

Weights room

In addition, within the free weights area you will find a selection of dumbbells and medicine balls to help you with strengthening your core, as well as improve and develop your upper-body strength.

Getting fit has never been more fun or easier! Find more information about memberships.