Over 2 semesters

Module Leader: Dr Eilidh Macphail

Module contact for MSc Sustainable Mountain Development students:
Dr Rosalind Bryce

To give you an idea of dissertation topics, you can view a List of dissertation titles submitted by students

This module aims to provide students with an opportunity to undertake a sustained, rigorous and independent investigation of some aspect of professional practice in relation to their own work, their organisation, their discipline or field of study or their profession as a whole.

The dissertation must consist of original work. It should be informed by the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise that the participant has developed through other modules and/or in previously accredited learning related to professional development. It should focus on a theme, topic or problem that is relevant to the professional concerns of the participant; the participant's own organisation and/or profession. The resulting dissertation should not only present and interpret the research findings but also critically evaluate the research design and methodology employed, and identify the outcomes of the research in terms of actual or planned developments and changes.

In addition, it is also intended that the experience of carrying out the research and writing up the results will provide participants with opportunities: 

  • to demonstrate their capability for analysis and reflection on practice;
  • to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for lifelong professional development;
  • to acquire the confidence and capability to progress to an MPhil or PhD in their academic discipline or field of study on completion of the Masters

Contact: eilidh.macphail@uhi.ac.uk

Eilidh Macphail 

Contact: rosalind.bryce.perth@uhi.ac.uk

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