Expectations of Behaviour


We aim to offer all our students an excellent experience of learning and college life. The main principles we apply are that students should be respectful to staff, other students and college property in order that all College users can enjoy and benefit from their experience.

As a Perth College UHI student you can expect:    

  • Fairness, opportunity and respect, regardless of your background.
  • A range of impartial information, advice, guidance and support services covering education, careers, employability, student funding, personal well-being and mental-health.
  • An excellent learning experience that involves a range of teaching and learning methods , quality learning resources, effective feedback on assessments and progress, and which supports success and achievement.

Your Responsibilities as a Student:

  • Actively engage with your studies, by attending all classes (100%) and where you are unable to attend a class notifying the college in advance
  • By participating in class, eg in discussions and group work
  • Treat all other students and members of the College staff with respect and courtesy.
  • By studying outside of class in your own time, as directed by your tutor and as self-study.
  • By actively engaging with your assessments, including exams, and that the presented work is your own. A breach of assessment regulations such as plagiarism, collusion, or cheating will lead to a disciplinary interview and possible investigation and sanctions (see below).

The following documents detail in full what you, as a student, can expect while you study with us, and what your responsibilities are as a member of our College community:

Standards of Behaviour - The Student Code of Conduct

The Student Disciplinary Procedure

If you breach the standard of expected behaviour or academic conduct then you may find yourself going through a disciplinary process. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the Student Disciplinary Procedure. If you find yourself in this situation and want support then the Students’ Association HISA Perth can assist you.

The disciplinary process is also a support mechanism for you, in investigating the reasons for the breach of conduct you are given the opportunity to put forward the reasons why you breached the standards, for example is there an underlying issue that you need support with?

Smiling student sitting in class