Student supports fellow classmates during exams

UHI Perth HNC Accounting student Debbie Matthews, arranged for a fruit donation to help her fellow students succeed in passing their exams.

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Charlene and Debbie

She explained: "Part of our 'research skills class' was to undertake a project on something we cared about. I thought about it a lot and decided exam time is something that affects me and the whole student body, it's a stressful time for everyone. I did some research about what we eat and how it would affect our ability to do well and concentrate in exams. Healthy food and water both hydrates you and helps students concentrate - which in turn helps students achieve better results. 

"I decided that this was so important that I would not only do it as a written project but actually try and make it happen! Over a weekend, I wrote personal letters to all the supermarkets in Perth to ask if they would be kind enough to donate some fruit for the upcoming exams. I personally delivered the letters by hand. Tesco Perth kindly offered to deliver fruit on exam days. I hope all students appreciate it as much as I do!"

Charlene White, Tesco Shiftleader/ Community Champion added: "Debbie reached out to see if we could support with the study to see if eating fruit before/during an exam helps with overall performance. Tesco strives to promote healthy eating as well as supporting the local community, so this felt right to support."