Nursery children get hands on with woodwork

Children at UHI Perth’s nursery collaborated with Next Steps to Learning students doing a woodwork course, to encourage future woodwork activities within the nursery setting.

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Nursery children with the wooden creations and Next Steps to Learning students

Lianne Schemper, Nursery Manager explained: “Our children and college students designed and worked together to construct two fabulous woodwork benches and a table.

“We strongly encourage ‘learning through doing.’ The experimental nature of woodwork involves each child participant developing their wellbeing, self-confidence and a ‘can do’ mindset as working with wood provides rich, multi-layered experiences to build on previous learning. The skills and knowledge gained can resonate throughout life which is a huge part of what we would like to achieve.

“We are enabling our youngest ‘students’ on campus with lifelong learning and endless possibilities as they are our future students. We can’t wait to see what we make using our lovely new workbenches!”