Legendary Chef hosts spectacular Gala Dinner

Steven Doherty, the first three-starred Michelin Chef, hosted a Celebration Gala Dinner alongside UHI Perth Hospitality and Food Studies students in the Treetops restaurant

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Hospitality and Food Studies students, lecturers and Steven Doherty

He led the dinner to celebrate the student’s final dinner and the re-launch of the Scottish Highland Chef competition, started by Albert Roux and now supported by the Master Chefs of Great Britain.

The first Briton in history to run a three-starred Michelin restaurant working as the Head Chef at Le Gavroche for Albert Roux, Steven was in charge for four years, maintaining incredibly high standards and cementing his status as a legendary chef.

He explained: “I enjoy it, as I'm pretty much retired these days, and I just want to help young people as much as I possibly can. It’s important for me to give something back to the young students and colleges. The students will get an enormous amount of satisfaction from what we’ve done today, and a different learning curve, because what we've done, we're producing food, which is retro, old school if you like, classic food. There are dishes there which you probably might not have seen before, but I think they're still relevant to what they're learning at college.”

Sophia Drummond-Herdman, Professional Cookery Student said: “We've been learning from Steven Doherty, who was the head chef at Le Gavroche, which is a really cool restaurant in London. He's been in the industry for so long, so it's been great to get hands-on experience with someone who knows the industry inside and out. My mum knew of him because she had eaten there before, and she was telling me all about the insane food that they’d had. I was really excited to cook something that was a traditional menu but was so elegant and incredibly presented.”

Josh Cooper, Professional Cookery Student added: “I've not done a lot of French cookery, I’m more familiar with British-type cooking and ingredients. Therefore, as it’s not my usual expertise, it was interesting to learn a little bit more from what Steven has taught me.”