Icelandic students travel to Perth for Ceremony

A number of students graduating from UHI’s partnership with the University of Akureyri in Iceland travelled to Scotland for the Graduation Ceremony at Perth Concert Hall on 6th October. They studied the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) online and this was their first visit to Perth.

Agla Hauksdottir is from a small town in the East coast of Iceland and she works in a bank alongside studying for her the MBA (Executive) course. She explained: “I saw this course at UHI advertised through an Icelandic university, and knew that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I’ve enjoyed how it’s challenged me to develop as a leader and a person with the emphasis on being ethical and responsible. I felt a great sense of achievement working, studying, raising four children and adding a fifth one while studying!”

Rakel Yr Sigurdardottir, from Gardabaer in Iceland enjoyed getting to know her own strengths and learning to balance studying real cases and theory within her MBA (Executive) qualification. After finishing her maternity leave, she plans to get a job in project management. Looking forward to attending the graduation in person, she said: "When studying online, you can feel distant from the University, so going to the graduation confirms that I'm a part of something bigger! I'm excited to go and get the acknowledgment of the work I have been doing for the last months. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know my fellow students better than just through the computer."

Sandra Maria Olafsdottir, from Reykanesbaer in Iceland completed her MBA (Aviation), having worked in Aviation for the past ten years. She liked how the modules were different but interesting and helpful for her career.  She explained: “I only studied during the pandemic, and it was all online. It worked for me as I am located in Iceland. The day I sent in my final assessment, the master research project, I couldn´t believe it was over as I felt like I had only started! I have learned a lot and many things that will be useful in my daily life in aviation and in my management role. I have already recommended the program to few colleagues, and I hope that they will enjoy it as much as I have.”

Euan Black, UHI’s Subject Network Leader for Business, Management and Leisure added: “It is fantastic to see these students graduate. It has not been the easiest of times globally, but many students have taken opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills during the pandemic. Our flexible and supportive approach to learning are ideally suited to supporting students studying online. The students have worked hard in generating learning, innovative research and value for their businesses as they develop their professional careers.”