Whether you want to start your own business, or have plans for improving the skills and knowledge of your existing workforce, we have the solutions for you.

If you've got a spark of an idea to start your own company or develop your own product, explore the benefits and rewards of running your own business with the help of The Business Link Team. We're here to help encourage you towards self-employment, enterprise and entrepreneurship in the community and beyond.

If your business is already established, maximise the potential of your staff with our help. We have professionals from a wide range of key industry sectors and will listen to your business needs, respond and help you gain measurable returns on your investment. There are several funding streams available to established businesses, from ILAs to the Flexible Workforce Development Fund.

So whatever kind of business support you're looking for - from fledgling company to established international operator - we have the solutions to help you succeed.

Modern Apprentice working on car