Whether you want to start your own business, or have plans for improving the skills and knowledge of your existing workforce, we have the solutions for you.

If you've got a spark of an idea to start your own company or develop your own product, explore the benefits and rewards of running your own business with the help of The Business Link Team. We're here to help encourage you towards self-employment, enterprise and entrepreneurship in the community and beyond.

If your business is already established, maximise the potential of your staff with our help. We have professionals from a wide range of key industry sectors and will listen to your business needs, respond and help you gain measurable returns on your investment. There are several funding streams available to established businesses, from ILAs to the Flexible Workforce Development Fund.

Perth College UHI works with many different business partners across our region. We are very proud of our working relationships, and as a result, we would like to offer our business partners benefits to their employees and families.

So whatever kind of business support you're looking for - from fledgling company to established international operator - we have the solutions to help you succeed.

Blog Articles

Start something completely new.

Jill Elder, Sector Development Director for Business, Management, Computing and Leisure, shares her advice if you are thinking about changing your career, returning to study - or if you are thinking about starting something completely new.

How to make your CV stand out from the crowd

In order to land the job you want, you will need a polished CV that sets you apart from the others and grabs the attention of recruiters and employers. Ian McCartney – Careers, Course and Progression Adviser at Perth College UHI – shares his advice on how to write a useful and professional CV.

Keeping on track with UCAS

There may be some of you who are still not sure about the next step. Whatever stage you are at, the information on this blog will hopefully help you on your UCAS journey with the choices to be made and ensuring you make a first-class application to the courses of interest to you.

Top tips to achieve your career ambitions

One of the most exciting, albeit challenging, choices you’ll ever have to make with your future in mind is your career. Although chance may play a part in it, it’s best to be prepared.