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What can I donate?

WEEE Centre poster advertising acceptable items

Is it safe? What about my data?

All equipment that comes into the WEEE Centre has its data securely removed by government approved software.

How can I donate my unwanted electrical waste to support Perth College?

Members of the public can donate at the reuse container at Friarton Road Recycling Centre or Inveralmond Recycling Centre in Perth and Kinross Recycling Centre (please speak to recycling centre staff if you are unsure of the reuse container's location on the site), or contact us to arrange to drop off at the WEEE Centre.

Containers for recyclables

Reuse container at Friarton Road Recycling Centre

Recyclable items in containers

Reuse container at Inveralmond Recycling Centre

Students, staff and college departments can donate directly to the WEEE Centre at the UHI Perth Campus.

Businesses can donate directly to the WEEE Centre free of charge - please call to arrange drop off.

What happens to my donation?

We hope to reuse as many items as possible, to give them a new home! Our technician removes all the data from the donations and refurbishes them. We sell a lot of our refurbished equipment, which helps support our students, and we also often provide equipment to local and international charities. Some items are damaged or beyond refurbishment, however, they often have parts that can be used to repair other equipment. Anything that we can't use is taken by our partners Re-Tek and stripped for parts that can be further reused or recycled.

I am from a local charity that needs IT equipment for our operational needs, can the WEEE Centre help?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

My business has a large volume of office equipment that we have recently replaced, can we donate it to the WEEE Centre?

Yes, please to discuss your requirements, we can collect locally free of charge.

Can I get a Waste Transfer Note for my business waste?

Yes. The WEEE Centre holds a registered waste exemption from SEPA.

Can I donate broken IT or mobile phones for recycling?

Yes, we accept working or damaged IT (except monitors) and mobile phones, as these can be recycled for parts.

How can I help?

We are always looking for more donations, so please look out your old IT equipment that has been gathering dust and you didn’t know what to do with, donate it now! The more people that know what we do and how they can recycle their e-waste, the more donations we can get , the more waste we can divert from landfill and the more students and charities we can support, so help us spread the word.


WEEE flow chart showing what happens to recyclables


Is this service available at other academic institutions?

We believe our model is transferable to other academic institutions, if you would like a copy of our WEEE Centre Information Pack: A How To Guide, please contact us.