Lewis Cairns


Educational/Research Background

I was a student with the UHI myself in the early 2010’s, where I studied my Batchelors degree in History and Politics. In 2017, I completed my Honours year, with a study entitled ‘An Economic Comparison Between the Despotic State of Nazi Germany and the Liberal Democratic states of the United Kingdom and the United States’.

Following the completion of my honours study, I attended the University of Dundee to complete my Masters Degree in International Relations and Law. My thesis that year was entitled ‘To What Extent Did the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Change the Relationship Between the United States Government and it’s African American Population; 1948 – 1960’ and focussed predominantly on the economically and legally disproportionate treatment of African Americans in the United States history. This work is available for public consumption on Academia.edu and saw frequent distribution during the boom of support for BLM in the 2018 – 2019 period.

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time I enjoy painting, and have several pieces published across various platforms. I like to spend time with my Golden Labrador pup, go on walks in the countryside, and I enjoy the music of Fred Hamond, David Phelps and Luther Vandross. I am an ardent fan of the works of J. R. R Tolkien.


lewis outside at a bonfire display