Early Education and Childcare


The current policy from The Scottish Government to increase free early learning and childcare entitlement to all, shows a real commitment towards making Scotland the very best place in which to grow up.

Early Years and Childcare is a growth industry requiring new and talented people to enter the workforce. UHI Perth is delighted to be offering a range of relevant and registrable qualifications for those wishing to work in this exciting and important sector.

Our department offers courses from National 4 to Honours and Post Graduate degrees, all supporting the workforce to fuel the childcare expansion and enabling the best people to work with children and young people.

Our aim is to facilitate students to become well-qualified and motivated specialists, delivering what children and their families expect in this positive and valued sector.

We work closely with education and children’s services in the local authority, as well as with a wide range of private sector employers to enhance our students’ experiences. Using academic study, combined with practical work experience, we aim to help our students to understand the demands and responsibilities of working with children and young people.


two students in early years classroom