Top chefs showcase ‘fine dining’ expertise to students

Perth College UHI students benefitted from a ‘Spring’ A La Carte live demonstration from The Gleneagles Hotel Executive Sous Chefs Richard Dalgleish and Ian Syme on 23 March.

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The Gleneagles Hotel Executive Sous Chefs Richard Dalgleish and Ian Syme

The HND Hospitality Management and HND Professional Cookery students learned how to prepare and cook spring lamb to the highest standard, and learned of the top chef’s experiences at the very top of the hospitality industry.

Shirley Simpson, lecturer said: “This was a demonstration of the highest calibre and we are very honoured to be working with such a prestigious employer. Despite the Covid restrictions, our students are still learning from our strong partnerships with employers and the industry they will enter upon completion of their course. Learning how to offer a fine dining experience is essential knowledge for our students and although we can’t give customers a hospitality service at the moment, this is a valuable alternative learning opportunity for them. Many thanks to Richard, Ian and The Gleneagles Hotel."

Richard and Ian explained: “It is our duty as senior chefs to share our knowledge and experience with young chefs. We take every opportunity to pass on our knowledge so that the next generation of great chefs has a solid base from which to work and expand and ultimately improve upon gastronomic traditions. As we invest our time with students we also open doors for employment opportunities at Gleneagles by building relationships and trust. The future of Scottish hospitality is right in front of us and we must nurture it, to achieve its fullest potential.”

Student Laura Mitchell added: “Our student group are incredibly lucky to benefit from the industry friendships of Perth College UHI. Although Covid 19 restrictions have impacted our practical classes, our lecturers have been able to organise some fantastic alternative learning opportunities for us.

“Chefs Richard and Ian from The Gleneagles Hotel, gave us an excellent demonstration on how to prepare and serve spring lamb – the end result looked utterly delicious! Ian and Richard both inspired us, and everyone in our class expresses huge appreciation for their engaging and informative tutorial, demonstrating their cookery skills and passion for the hospitality industry as a whole.

"We are grateful to the Perth College UHI hospitality team for organising this presentation; to The Gleneagles Hotel and to Chefs Richard and Ian for taking the time to share their thoughts, experiences and skills with us. We all very much look forward to a class visit to The Gleneagles Hotel for lunch in the not too distant future!”