Perth marks its university city status

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Principal Margaret Cook and Councillor Ian Campbell

As part of Perth College’s partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), Perth has gained the status of being a university city. To celebrate this, Perth & Kinross Council have installed new boundary signs on the roads leading into Perth welcoming people to the university city.

The university is a unique institution which offers integrated further and higher education provision on multiple sites including Perth College UHI, which is largest of the institution's academic partners and by 2017 there were approximately 3000 undergraduates studying in Perth.

Leader of Perth & Kinross Council, Councillor Ian Campbell said: "Perth & Kinross Council values and recognises the contribution Perth College UHI and its students make to this community. It is very pleasing that so many young people have chosen to gain an education in Perth and we appreciate their contribution to the city in terms of investment, diversity and vibrancy making Perth an attractive place to live, work and study."

Margaret Cook, Principal of Perth College UHI commented: "It was good to see the updated signs officially recognising Perth as a university city. It raises the profile both of the city and of Perth College UHI."

John Bullough Chairman of Perth City Development Board added: "One of the key themes of the Perth City Plan, our 20 year vision to make Perth a great small European city, is to enhance our status as a university city. Every successful city in the world has a thriving university at its heart and Perth City Development Board look forward to assisting Perth College UHI in the continued development of their further and higher education curriculum."

In partnership with Perth College UHI, the local authority has been working to accelerate growth and development in Perth to enhance its economic, social and cultural impact, to make it an exciting and cosmopolitan city.

The redundant St John's Primary school building in the city's Stormont Street is being transformed into a hub of creativity and productivity. Perth College UHI is a key stakeholder in the 'Creative Exchange' which is aimed at being a place that connects creative practitioners and entrepreneurs and inspires new ideas and lets creative thinking emerge.

It's hoped the hub will become a home to workshops, studios and flexible business spaces and will provide a supporting environment to allow ideas to be nurtured, particularly in creative industries, technology and digital media.

Perth & Kinross Council is also supporting Perth College UHI in achieving its aims which include: Extending its education offer in areas including sustainable resource management, advanced engineering, applied health and the creative industries; Becoming a more visible and influential presence in the city centre and encouraging other universities and research centres to establish a presence in Perth through satellite learning centres, commercialisation units and other facilities.