Young people help older generation in using new technology

Initiative entitled ‘Digital Ninjas’

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A digital ninja in action...

A Perth College UHI initiative entitled ‘Digital Ninjas’ is offering support to older people in the use of modern technology such as smartphones and tablets. Funded by the Big Lottery, this inter-generational project matches young volunteers with older people to provide one-to-one support and guidance and improve digital skills.

As well as improving communication between young and older people through the sharing of young people’s knowledge of computers, tablets, smartphones and other technologies, the project aims to support older people who may be at risk of becoming digitally excluded.

Karen Downs, Perth College UHI Personal and Vocational Studies Subject Leader said: “It’s a very positive opportunity for young people to enhance their life chances, boost their CV and providing a volunteering opportunity for those who are undertaking Duke of Edinburgh or Saltire awards.

“Our young volunteers are ready and waiting to help older people use technology, for example, teaching them how to use Skype to keep up with friends and families; using social media to engage with their families or understanding how to get the most from the iPad they have been given as a gift.

“Bringing these two groups together provides opportunities for improved understanding and mutual respect, whilst developing young people's confidence, communication and interpersonal skills.”

Digital Ninjas will run on Tuesdays until 9 June at Pathways Learning Centre, 65-69 South Street, Perth.

Anyone looking for help or support in using a device, tablet, phone or looking to find out more about engaging with social media should call 01738 445255 to book a space.