Celebrity Chef advises students to ‘entertain’ within the hospitality industry

UHI Perth’s Hospitality and Food Studies students enjoyed a visit from celebrity chef Tony Singh MBE, in a session entitled ‘My Journey, Food and Culture’.

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Tony Singh and Tim Dover

Invited by Chef Lecturer Tim Dover, a celebrated local restauranteur in his own right, Tony spoke about his Sikh upbringing and how using a communal kitchen, being surrounded by good food and making people feel welcome inspired him to dream of having his own restaurant.

Tony has gone on to be a very successful restauranteur and entertained the students with stories of his journey. He was refreshingly honest about challenges that he faced along the way and answered many questions from the students and offered advice to them in his humorous and quirky way.

HNC Hospitality Operations student Callum Walker explained: “Tony was laid back and relaxed which was inspiring as it shows me that in an industry which is often so stressful, it can be enjoyed for its intended purpose which is to “entertain. Tony clearly showed that with a positive attitude, someone can be successful and accomplished and still laugh about mistakes.”

Tim has been friends with Tony for many years and has previously worked alongside him. He was delighted to be reunited with Tony and shared: “It was a pleasure to have someone so inspirational in to speak to our students and it was great to hear captivating tales of his hospitality journey.”

“A special thanks to Tony for coming in to UHI Perth and encouraging our students. He demonstrated it’s important to continue to work hard and follow your dream but also look after yourself as it can be tough in a fast-paced industry.”