Connect Certificate

What is special about this course?

Who is it for?
Learners who are living with and managing their mental health, who want to gain transferable skills and experience to prepare for their next steps to volunteering, work, training or education community participation.

Since starting Connect……
We have learned:

  • How to share our skills
  • To ask for help
  • Other people have challenges – we are not alone
  • Digital skills
  • How not to give up

We will take away:

  • Friendship
  • Confidence
  • Tolerance,
  • A plan
  • Knowledge that there is more out there for me

We have left behind:

  • Feeling inadequate
  • Isolation
  • Fear and Anxiety

We feel:

  • More confident
  • Accepted
  • Included
  • Hopeful
  • Ready for new challenges

Entry requirements

Application is by referral form and this can be completed by a support agency or can be a self-referral.

Download the form here.

Referral forms should be returned to Mindspace: or 01738 639657

If you have any questions, please contact:

Karen Downs
Sector Manager, UHI Perth

You must be able to travel independently or make your own arrangements for travel.

What is involved?
Teamwork, Communication skills, Assertiveness, Mindset, Goal setting, Wellness, Mindfulness, Resilience. This section of the course will be tutor-led and comprise a series of workshops. Learners will build a toolkit of skills and strategies to support them through

What does community mean to us?
How can we make the communities we live in better for all?
Awareness Raising or Volunteering

In this part of the course learners become active citizens, developing their team working skills and
participate in a group led project on a chosen theme.

Learners may campaign about something they are passionate about,
undertake a piece of volunteering or raise awareness of an issue.

  • Identifying areas of interest within communities
  • Self- assess interpersonal skills
  • Undertake a project demonstrating active citizenship skills within a community
  • Reflect on effectiveness of project and development of own interpersonal skills

Self Awareness and Identity
Learners find out more about themselves, their strengths, skills and qualities and areas for improvement.
Learners are supported to carry out an individual project on a personal area for improvement. For example,
learning to speak up in a group, presentation skills, improve listening skills or another skill which is important to them.

  • Developing self-confidence and self belief through reflection.
  • Self assess individual strengths and weakness.
  • Undertake a personal project to develop self- awareness.
  • Explore the concept of identity and impact of perceptions of own identity.

How will I study my course?

  • Part Time

Connect is delivered at Mindspace in the centre of Perth, providing a small, welcoming and accessible
environment for learning. At times of challenge, such as during COVID, the course can be delivered digitally
thorough an online learning platform. The underpinning ethos of this course is to build learner confidence and
support them to be ready to face their next challenge.

Additional support is available through the Mindspace Peer Support Hub. Learners can build digital skills
as they gather evidence for their portfolios and also connect with other people / services.

How long will my course last?

16 Week

2 mornings a week

Where can I study my course?

    • UHI Perth

Start date

The course will run on Monday and Tuesday mornings for 16 weeks.The first session will be on Monday 6 September and we plan to hold an informal information session on Monday 30 August.


Most full-time students will have their fees paid.

Students on part-time courses may also be eligible to have their course fees waived.

What can I do on completion of my course?

Progression pathways – future options are discussed and links made with relevant services to support progression where appropriate.

Is there more information available online?

QR Code - scan to visit course page

You can use the above QR code to connect directly to the course details.

Application is by referral form and this can be completed by a support agency or can be a self-referral. Download it here

Referral forms should be returned to

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