Emily Bayne

"I have enjoyed my life as a student here – it’s a great college." content

"I have enjoyed my life as a student here – it’s a great college."

I am from Muthill and before coming to college, I was at school. I decided to come to Perth College UHI as I wanted to study a course about the outdoors. I choose this course as I saw it as a great opportunity to discover more about the outdoor industry.

What I like most about my course is being given the opportunity to learn about new outdoor activities and to meet new people who share my passion for the outdoors.

My involvement with the course - and the Perth College UHI Climbing Centre - has allowed me to meet new friends and, in particular, other females who I now climb with.  I have also gained confidence and being able to speak in front of groups.

My course will help me get the job I want as it has given me the foundation skills and has shown me opportunities which I didn’t know existed before the course.  I have gained qualifications which have allowed me to be employed in a Climbing Centre and an Outdoor Activity Centre and I haven’t even finished the course yet.

Outside of college, I enjoy horse-riding, have 3 jobs and also volunteer - so it is difficult to balance my time but, although tiring, it’s worth it.

When I was deciding what to do when I left school, I felt pressure to stay at school and also felt like the outdoors was more for males than females - but I still decided to do this course.  So I would advise people not to be afraid. I would also encourage people to get involved with clubs as that makes time here really enjoyable.

After college, I plan to work for a year as an outdoor instructor and then consider another Perth College UHI course in business - as I would like to be involved in the management of an Outdoor centre one day.


Emily Bayne