Nicole Chatila

Sport and Fitness Ambassador content

Sport and Fitness Ambassador

What are you studying at Perth College UHI?

HND Fitness, Health and Exercise


What is your main passion?

My main passion is fitness and health. I have been passionate about this for many years and feel I am now in the right career path/direction.


What are your future aspirations in your chosen field?

I would like to complete my HND and continue onto the degree course. I would then like to progress to stay further, pick up clients and build a good repour, create a team and run my own business.


Who is your sporting role model?

I look up too many fitness role models such as YouTuber/influencer ‘Sarah’s day’, ‘Lisa Fiitt’, Krissy Cela and many more.


What is your favourite sporting moment?

Back in 2016 in America, one of my friends was competing for weightlifting. Getting to see her perform and do amazing was such an inspiration.


Why should students get involved in sport and fitness programmes at Perth College UHI?

There is a lot to offer here at Perth College UHI. There are programmes to suit everyone, there’s so many opportunities that are given/offered here, great staff/lecturers that are all welcoming and care about you personally! There is a wide range of activities/events offered throughout your time.


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