Jamie Wilde

"I’ve had so many positive experiences from studying at Perth College UHI." content

"I’ve had so many positive experiences from studying at Perth College UHI."

BA (Hons) Popular Music

I am from Dundee and before coming to college, I was previously at secondary school before moving onto Perth College UHI in 2015. Having enjoyed studying music at school, I was keen to pursue music studies to a further level. Of course, location played a factor in my decision and because Perth is so close to Dundee this helped in making study arrangements easy. However, to also know that facilities such as the college’s Eastlake Studios were available for student use was also influential.

I choose this course as, specifically, popular music is what I am interested in as a musician and always have been. Perth UHI came up as a highly recommended option from my school teachers and peers at the time, so it felt natural to keep progressing my studies with something I enjoy doing which is music.

The lecturers throughout the four years I have been here so far have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable, continuously going the extra mile to help out with study related work but also with work outside of the course such as live music, band work etc. Without the positivity of the lecturers specifically, I feel I would not have learnt the overall content of the course over the past four years as well as I have done.

I’ve had so many positive experiences from studying at Perth College UHI. Most recently, I had the chance to work with NME down at their offices in London for work experience as part of one of my modules in my Honours year. To have had this opportunity is something I thought was unimaginable before joining the course. However, this course has taught me to push beyond whatever limitations I may set of myself in all aspects of study as you never know what may lie ahead.

Experiences with a music teaching placement along with working with NME, I feel, are both huge assets to have on my CV within roles in the music industries. For me, music teaching is something that I am looking to pursue as a career in the long-term future and to have had the opportunity to have teaching experience as part of my course is extremely beneficial. Furthermore, music writing is something I also enjoy doing and my experience with NME has already helped me land a job with Scottish music/cultural magazine, The Skinny.

In the short term, I am looking to do a post-graduate course at Perth UHI in music to further progress with my studies which I am really looking forward to. Aside from this, I am always looking to keep as many options open as possible for potential long, or short-term opportunities. From music writing, to music teaching, to live performance work as a musician with my band - I will keep working hard with everything I am doing at the moment and I will see what doors may lie ahead in the future.

Throughout the four years of my course I have worked a part-time job in Dundee. I have managed this along with my studies with relative ease due to the fact that I am only contracted for weekends and I can be flexible about extra work depending on how much studying I am doing at certain times of the year etc.

I have 100% enjoyed life as a student here. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had whilst being on this course and to have grasped these opportunities with both hands - as well as meeting lots of musically like-minded people, has been great.

I would recommend people who are interested in studying Popular Music to apply for Perth UHI because I feel that they offer something different to the likes of Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities which primarily focus on a classical orientated course. From audio engineering to popular music, for people who have a passion for music in the modern day and are keen to pursue studies in the field, Perth College UHI is undoubtedly a front-runner in what their courses offer to students.

My college experience has taught me to push beyond limitations I set of myself, so I would encourage anyone that is maybe thinking that they’d like to pursue college/university studies but are perhaps doubting their abilities to do well on the course to stop thinking negatively and to embrace the opportunities you have as a student as you never know what doors may open for you. If anyone had told me four years ago that I would have worked with NME for a week, and have two published articles as a writer through them because of my university studies, I wouldn’t have believed them!

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